dream of the city
Dream of the City was shown at the Kitchen, the avante-garde performance space in New York city in the fall of 2002, as part of the series: Necessary Translations, curated by Esther Allen. Trafika was honored for being one of the first litarary journals to bring poets from central europe to english speaking ears in the early 90s. Our night featured Cecelia Vicuna reading alba saliva in collaboration with the Thinkmap visual thesaurus and Peter Zilahy doing a live performance of his piece, Last Window Giraffe.
Dream of the City is a synthesis of pixel, poetry and sound. It was a collaborative process, editing the text from Jachym Topol, with Eleni's work, and putting my super-8 collages into the mix. Much thanks to all who helped, and especially Eleni, who travelled all the way from Colorado to put the final(?) version together, and perform with us at the Kitchen.
My video for this project arose from a desire to capture the essential of the city. The views are from Prague, New York, Seattle, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Sarejevo. The contemporary painter of the city will not be associated with just one built space, but instead with the city of all the world.
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performed at:

The Kitchen
October 29th, 2002

Performed by

Eleni Sikelianos
Michael Lee
Brandon Evans
James Rowe


footage by
Peter Bill
Josie Foster
Bonnie Foster

documentation video

Alex Meillier
Raphie Frank

edited and arranged by
Peter Bill


Eleni Sikelianos
in collaboration with
text by
Jachym Topol
(translated by Alex Zucker)


ambient sound by
Peter Bill

mixed by
Graham Haynes
Shaka Rayford

as part of the series
Necessary Translations

curated by

Esther Allen