circuitboard paintings

The following are a random selection of works that were painted on semiconductors, at various places around the States and Europe. I actually worked in the factory that made the circuit boards- destined for the air-conditioners of Ford motor cars. It was the kind of job your father makes you get in high school to make sure you will go to college.7am shift-3pm, day in day out(or a summer anyway) of robotic, repetitive labor. The funny thing was, I had gone to prep school with the kids whose family owned the factory. They wore Rolex watches at 12- well it was quite depressing to see the labor that went to pleasure those presumptious brats.

Old ladies working the assembly line, with strange bald patches on the back of their heads and their lumpy fat bodies quivering with every movement. Old men, attached to huge presses that punched holes in the semiconductors, wracked by the thunderous thump every few seconds. Malodorous sump pits, filled with many hued liquids, under huge smoking vats. The whole factory was lit with a wane yellow glow, as the semiconductors were light sensitive.
My job was to run the panels through the UV machine. We had several racks of the boards, that I would pass to my partner, this black guy named Sylvester. When we had finished a dolly full, we had to put the boards in an oven. The worst part was taking the racks out of the oven, after they had baked like toxic little cookies for 1/2 hr. Baking plastic and silicon make a heady brew of smoke, which we had to negotiate before we could grab the trays.
The workers went on strike, for wages and better conditions, in the fall after I had gone off to college.
Very soon, most of the production of the factory was moved to Mexico.

Looking up to Prince's Street

Alexandria's Place

By the Bastille

Wester Inshes Farm

Behind Tyn church


Above St. Nicks


Rainy day, Boston


Mirror by the bridge(when i met April)